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All children should have access to an excellent education that will challenge and inspire them to reach their full potential, develop their confidence, and expose them to new possibilities and opportunities. Early Steps is proud to have helped 4,000+ children of color enroll in NYC independent schools, but not just for academics. Those students, their classmates, and the adults in the school community also learn from and about each other and how to live, work and thrive together. Diversity is beneficial for everyone.

Your support of Early Steps breaks barriers for children of color, creates inclusive school environments, and helps build strong communities.


Learn about the Piggy Bank Project - Today’s Kids for Tomorrow’s Kids helps families teach their children about the importance of philanthropy by giving back to
the organization. 

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Every dollar makes a difference to a child and their family. A one-time online donation is a simple and secure way to help us continue our mission. We accept payment by credit card or ACH.
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Build the Ladder with a monthly gift
Your recurring monthly gift supports young children of color and their families as they step into the promise and challenge of an independent school education. Enroll today for as little as $10 a month and help us Build the Ladder that will bring children of color, and all of us, into a more inclusive and equitable future.