EARLY STEPS Today’s Kids for Tomorrow’s Kids, helps families teach their children about the importance of philanthropy by giving back to the organization. 
EARLY STEPS Today's Kids for Tomorrow's Kids
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How the program works:
  1. Give the Piggy Bank to your child and assemble it together.  Explain that the bank is from EARLY STEPS, and talk about the role that EARLY STEPS played to help your child go to their school.
  2. Help your child understand that the money they put into the Piggy Bank will help younger children go to independent school, just like them. Talk about the importance of giving in general, and the importance of giving back to those who have given to you.
  3. Money will be collected once a year on September 30th which coincides with the first month of the school year. 
  4. Use the EARLY STEPS donation portal to deposit the money in the Piggy Bank. Please enter "piggybank" in the "this donation is in the name of" line.
  5. We ask that parents model philanthropy by matching their child’s donation.
  6. You and your child will receive a thank you letter acknowledging your charitable donation.
  7. Please save their banks for future years’ donations.