Helping kindergarten & 1st graders to attend independent & private schools in NYC
Members like this school, are private elementary schools committed to achieving equity in education

Why Member Schools

Since the 1980’s New York City independent schools have been striving to create school communities that are reflective of our diverse city. In 1986, the Independent School Admission Association sponsored the formation of Early Steps and 18 schools became members that year. Today, over 50 member independent schools depend on Early Steps to guide families of children of color through the process of applying to their schools for kindergarten and first grade. Schools look to Early Steps for leadership and vision as they continue the work necessary to build welcoming, diverse communities. Early Steps’ member schools abide by principles of good practice such as common notification dates. This helps make the process more manageable and less stressful for both families and schools.

Each Early Steps member school has its own unique mission and personal style of teaching. Some are single-sex; some have dress codes; some are K through 12 schools and others are elementary schools; some have 75 children while others have 1,600; and they are located in four New York City boroughs and Long Island. Early Steps strives to help applicant families apply to schools that match their child’s learning style and the family’s lifestyle.

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